Friday, November 5, 2010

I am obsessed!

I love making things look pretty. Like this blog. I like things to feel like me; let a little bit of my personality shine though. Even if nobody but me sees this...when I look at it, I want it to be an extension of myself.

I've been trying and trying and TRYING to change the fonts of my page header, post headings, sidebar headings, dates, etc to a font that is not in the short list of generic/defaults given. I am anything BUT generic, my friends ;) I am fabulous, so I want this blog to be. ANYWAYS! I've gotten SOOOO CLOSE! I've downloaded a super-cute font from (seriously, adorable!), and even gone through this whole tutorial thing  , but I STILL cannot get it to work! So I looked for another way to do it, by just replacing the name of the font used in the HTML editing stuff to the one I downloaded. Well, that works, but ONLY when I have the file opened on my computer! :( I WANT THIS TO WORK SO BADLY! If anyone comes across this blog randomly and knows how to fix it, and you see that all those headers are still lookin' pretty generic, pleasepleasePLEASE let me know how to do so!


xo- K

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