Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oh, hello again :)

So I guess I've been a little absent from this lately...but I just haven't had anything that's really pushed my buttons a whole lot lately. At least not enough to write about :) But there was something the other day that just annoyed the crap out of me, and it's not the first time this particular pet peeve has gotten the best of me.

During periods of my life when I'm single, I tend to talk to just about anybody (well I do that all the time, I'm a friendly person lol), and I don't necessarily mind giving my number to a guy at the end of a conversation...I mean, just cuz I did doesn't mean I even want to even go on a date with them. Honestly, it means I can say no through a text versus face-to-face (I  know, lame, but whatever). Anyways! Two of my biggest pet peeves come from new guys trying to talk me up....

#1: I HATE when I get this text: "hi."
Um...hi? WTF do you want me to say? Don't waste my time by sending me a one-word salutation. If I had a limited number of texts per month, that would be such a huge waste and I would be even more annoyed than I am with my unlimited texting plan. And, if you are wanting to strike up a conversation with me, START A FREAKIN CONVERSATION!! "Hi" says nothing to me. "Hi" tells me you don't have the balls to get straight to the point, or enough motivation to direct a conversation with me. If that's all left up to me, I'm already uninterested. You might as well stop trying. If all you say is "hi," all you're going to get as a "hello" back. And probably five hours later. There's probably a reason you are a single man in your 30's, and it's because you have the maturity level of a high-schooler and the conversation skills of a retarded monkey.

#2: When said guys text me and try to get me to meet up with them and I can't, or I haven't saved their number yet because A) I don't care to or B) I just forgot to and I can't remember who it is, so I have to ask who it is, their replies are: "I guess I'm not that important," or "I guess you're not that interested." My reply: "Well, if you say so!!" I seriously have had that said to me a few times by different guys already in this new year! When you sound like my high school boyfriend or start throwing yourself a pity party before we even hit it off...I don't like you. You might as well quit trying, again. It's especially annoying when you're 6 years older than me and you sound like you're 16. Barf. Don't tell me how I feel or what I think. I'm obviously still forming my opinions of you...and you just made it that much more easy for me to decide that you're not worth my time.

What's sad is when I see one guy do BOTH of those things...and they do!! I can think of two guys right now that have done that in the past two weeks, and three in the last few months. It. Is. Ri.Dic.U.Lous. I just want to say, "Grow some balls!!" That, and lose my number, haha. I'm sorry if that seems harsh, but I'm not wasting my time on some guys that are going to play games like that. I'm not into somebody who needs a girl to be sympathetic and give them pity attention. Go to your mommy for that. That's not the approach I am attracted to. Be confident, but not cocky. Pursue me, but not stalkerish. Don't even mention stalker-like qualities, or act like one (yes, two separate guys have each done one of those), it takes you from annoying- to creeper-status. Be fun. Be relaxed. Be open to going out with me and my friends, and probably taking a semi-back seat to dancing with them for awhile. I'll come around if you hang in there, haha. And if you don't see me responding to your "moves," take a hint and back off. You will know if I like you. If I do, I will be more forward myself. But, if I'm shying away/giving you a cold shoulder....I'm probably not interested!

Ok, that's my little rant for the week. :) Hopefully I will get back in the swing of things and start writing a little more often.


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