Thursday, December 2, 2010

My 30 Day Challenge :)

So I guess a lot of people that blog/use facebook/twitter do these 30 day challenge things...and I thought, hmm...sounds kinda fun! But, I'm doing my own little twist.

See, lately I've just been feeling so tired, sluggish, lathargic...just plain blah! I know my lifestyle doesn't really help much...I have such odd hours with work: Some days I open at 9am to get the office stuff ready. Some days, that's it. Some days I stay and work the floor, opening the bar from 10-11am, which includes sweeping, washing windows, cleaning tables...just getting the bar ready for customers to come in starting at 11am. Days are slow, so I'm usually cut by 2:30pm. Some days I do non of that can come in around 4:30 for a night shift, which is much busier, and can last til 1:30-2am if i'm the closer. So I don't really have a  regular sleeping pattern. And as much as I want my rest, and I require a lot of it each night (lol),  I hate sleepnig in late. Even if I'm not scheduled to work the next day til the night shift, or not work at all, I just feel like it wastes the day.

Anyway, so here's my challenge to myself: I'm going to work out every day of the "normal" work week (Mon-Friday) and have weekends off. I'm not going to give myself any strict rules as far as what i'm going to do each day, or how long I'm going to do my workouts. Sometimes I think that defeats the purpose. My minimum workout time is 20-30 min though, since I have a couple dvds that fit that criteria.

I started today already actually! :) So here's what I did:

  • Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, Level 2 (20 min)
  • BeachBody's 10 Minute Trainer, Cardio (10 min) & Yoga Flex (10 min)
  • Karen Voight Yoga & Sculpting, Abdominals (10 min)
There was also about 20 min of Windsor Pilates Maximum Burn Cardio....but it was really dance-based, which is great 'n all....but the last time I took a dance class, I was about 6 years old...and it's just not for me as far as workouts go. Fun on a Saturday night, that's a different story! lol :) So I stopped that one, cuz I felt like I wasn't getting anything out of it. Then after my ab workout I was moving to the Yogaflow (25 min) section of the dvd...but I got really light-headed and sorta blacked out for a, pre-passing out (which I've never done, but I don't wanna find out what it's fully like), so I decided it was definitely time to quit for the day. And definitely time to eat, since I havent since breaky! (oops!) Time for lunch!

PS- I started my day with an energy drink (NOT like Red Bull! ick!) It's called Spark, by Advocare...its supposed to be a healthier version. Comes from a powder mix, NOT a carbonated pop can. And I followed my work out with a post-workout recovery powder  (chocolate flavored!), but instead of just mixing it w/water I mixed it in with my peanut butter-banana smoothie (banana, spoonful of natural creamy pb, organic non-fat skim milk, and crushed ice)--so good!

OOOH, and my goal is NOT weight loss. It's to GAIN energy, and to tone up. I also hope to start doing the exercises earlier in the day/mornings...which I hope will help regulate my sleeping pattern somewhat. I just want to feel GOOD again. So naturally, I want to clean up my diet a little, start avoiding the little things that i've let slide lately (like snacking on french fries in the kitchen at work, lol, and avoiding so much fried stuff/cheese). More veggies/fruit, more lean/white meat vs. red (though I will NOT turn down a steak if I want one!)...stuff like that!

Ok, that's it, just putting this out there to hopefully help hold me accountable in some way. :)

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